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NEW! Intro to Agility Seminar

Introduction to Agility Seminar
Sunday, August 17, 2o14
12.3o-2.oo pm
$45 (people only; no dogs)

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When: Sunday, August 17, 2o14
               12.3o-2.oo pm
WhereK9 Fun Zone, 25 Nickerson St., Seattle, WA 98109  (north end of Queen Anne neighborhood)
  • There is plenty of free, on-street parking available on Nickerson Steet as well as around the backside of K9 Fun Zone on Dravus Steet. 

Description: Are you interested in learning what dog agility is all about?  Do you wonder if your dog might be good at it?  This seminar is a great way to learn about what's involved in training your dog for either competition agility, or backyard "fun-gility"!

In the sport of agility, you train your dog to go over or through different obstacles, such as jumps and tunnels, usually in a race against time.   It's one of the fastest-growing dog sports around, and it's a great way for you and your dog to work together as a team.

In this beginner's seminar, we'll cover the following topics:

*how the game of agility is played
*getting started with your own dog no matter the size, breed, or age
*how to train basic foundation skills
*learning the obstacles
*agility games you can play at home
*how to get started in agility if your dog is shy, reactive, or uncomfortable around strangers or other dogs
*where local classes are taught and where to find local competitions

There will also be an opportunity to register for Fungility class (taught by Peggy Adams Myers of and held at the K9 FunZone) that starts on August 24th.

Information will be provided for a self-directed field trip to an AKC agility trial at Marymoor Park on Aug 22,23, and/or 24.

About the Speaker
Ruth LaRocque, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA

Ruth LaRocque is a dog trainer and behavior consultant who competes in local agility trials with her 8-pound Maltese "Daisy" and her super fast Border Collie "Seven".  Both dogs started out afraid of strangers and very reactive to other dogs, but through play, training, and structured classes, both Daisy and Seven are currently competing at the AKC "Excellent" level.

Ruth's training methods rely on the use of positive reinforcement to create a fun and safe learning environment for you and your dog. Learning how to play agility games with your dog is a great way to provide exercise, reduce boredom, and help build a strong bond. Discover the agility games that can be done in your backyard or at the park!

Ruth and Seven
If you're already signed up for the seminar and would like to purchase a Working Spot for $10 to bring your dog, please click below.  Your dog should be comfortable working on leash around other dogs.  Please email before buying a working spot if you have questions.

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