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Training Videos

We'll be adding training videos here, so check back frequently for new additions.  Some will be videos that we've made ourselves, and some will be helpful videos we've found on the internet.  Let us know if you have any questions! 

If one of these videos applies to your situation with your pup, consider hiring us for a coaching session to shorten your learning curve.  After all, you could try to become a golfer, or singer, or dancer by watching TV, but you'd probably make faster progress by supplementing that with a lesson or two!  Same goes for dog training.

Dog Training Videos

This video shows how to deal with a fear aggressive dog without using pain, fear and coercion.  If your dog barks and lunges at strangers, you could have a fear aggressive dog.  Contact  for more help with your own dog.  You CAN change their behavior!

This is a great video that shows you how to condition your dog to happily wear a muzzle.  You may not have an aggressive dog, but if your pup is ever injured or sick, you and your vet can safely attend to your dog without risking a bite if she wears a muzzle.  You'll be glad you prepared your dog in advance to wear one without fuss!  This video is courtesy of, a great website.

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