Daisy the Maltese

Seven is an agility dog!

Sugar is a sweetheart

Meet our dogs!

Ruth LaRocque and Tim Lawson have owned and operated Seattle Pet Pals since 2003.

Ruth competes in agility with her border collies, you can see one of their runs here:

Ruth is certified as a dog trainer and behavior consultant by the independently accredited organization CCPDT (Certification  Council for Professional Dog Trainers). She is also certified as a Parrot behavior consultant by the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Ruth works with families to integrate kids and dogs through the Family Paws Parent Education program, and she is a co-instructor for Dr. Susan Friedman's online LLA class for professional animal trainers. Virtual training services available no matter where you are.

certified to provide dog training and behavior modification services using modern pet-friendly techniques

Ruth and Tim with their border collie "Seven"

Tim provides daily dog walks Monday-Friday, as well as expert care for your pets when you are out of town. He is a Pet Tech certified Pet First Aid instructor.

Tim and Ruth live at home with two active dogs, Romeo the beagle, and Leo the border collie.  Their previous companions, Sugar the singing husky mix , Seven the border collie, and Daisy the Maltese, are greatly missed.

Romeo the beagle

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